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Cabinet Overview

Our Wood Cabinets are available in four distinct Series all in a variety of finishes.

CLASSIC SERIES – Mid Range Level  
SIGNATURE SERIES – Premium Quality  
ULTI-MATE CABINETS – Mid Range & Premium Quality  

Note: Panhandle Ultimate Garage Systems only sells and installs Quality Garage Cabinets. We do not carry a low end line. All of the cabinets shown far exceed the quality standards of products you would find locally in box stores. They are Professional Grade.

Variety of Sizes & Configurations

Our Garage Cabinets are available in a variety of sizes and configurations in heights up to 90” tall, and 24” deep.

Base Cabinets Drawers, and Drawer Fronts, and Full Extension Roller Bearing Glides are available depending on the Series.

Counter Tops are available in Laminates, MDF, Butcher Block, and Stainless depending on the Series.

Classic Series – Mid Range

Classic Series Cabinets

Cabinet Construction & Mounting System

The cabinet box, doors, and shelves are built from ¾” thick furniture grade melamine, not ½”, or 5/8” like most garage cabinets.

The Cabinet Box is fabricated using Dove Tail Joints, used by old world craftsmen, and known for it’s superior strength.

The Classic Series Garage Cabinets are hung on the wall on a Steel Mounting Track called a Duro-Rail. This patented mounting system is screwed directly into the wall studs,
And the cabinets are then hung unto the track.

Each Cabinet Supports a total weight of 300 pounds. The shelves are rated at 100 pounds per shelf.

Because of it’s unique construction and mounting system, the cabinets do not require backs. Your wall is the back of the cabinet. This way the cabinet can be placed over existing electrical outlets, Electrical Panels, Sprinkler Systems etc.

Cabinet Features

The Classic Series comes in a variety of sizes up to 72” in height, and depths of 12”, 16” and 24”.

All Cabinets feature high quality 4-way adjustable European hinges.

Optional Accessories include ¾” extension drawers on nylon roller glides.

Counter Tops are available in a variety of laminates or MDF.

They are available in 5 distinct finishes, and feature a 5-year warranty.

In Stock Availability

Many of these Garage Cabinets are in stock and ready to install, making them great for small projects or as an addition to other open storage products.

Signature Series – Premium Quality

The Signature Series Garage Cabinets are our Premium Quality Line. They Feature ¾” melamine construction on the doors and sides, and 1” thick shelves. They are available in heights up to 90” tall and in a greater variety of depths and configurations. They feature full backings, full extension roller glides on drawers, Optional Sliding Doors, and 4 way adjustable soft close European hinges. They come with a Lifetime Warranty.

A Variety of Counter Top Materials are available including Laminates, Butcher Block, and Stainless Steel.